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18-10-10, 03:02 PM
I have one set of Pro-Comp 55 off-road lights (Chrome Fluted 9560)

http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/6025/pclights.jpg (http://img201.imageshack.us/i/pclights.jpg/)

Quartz/halogen 55-watt H3 bulb
Available in clear spot or fluted driving /utility pattern
Super-slim 5" diameter configuration
Available in high-gloss black or polished chrome finish, with
hard plastic cover, and stainless
A high-performance, very compact light for hard-to-fit grill
guards and light tabs, as well as other challenging locations
Wiring harness sold separately.

$50. (New in the box, set of 2 with covers)


Cherry Bomb Turbo Muffler.

I picked this muffler up barely used for Cindy's Jeep w/ 4.0L but she has decided she doesn't want a noisy muffler, we never installed it.


We just want to get back what we paid for it...

$50. I believe they sell for close to $100. new.


Jeep TJ add-a-trunk.

Just like the one in this ad except mine is beige with black trim and Jeep embossed in the top in black.




Used TJ rear coil springs, still in great shape, not sagged.



TJ Lower control arms (2) $10. each


TJ Stock draglink, in great shape $20.


I think there are a few more item to add later...


18-10-10, 06:59 PM
Too bad the add a trunch won't fit a yj.

18-10-10, 11:44 PM
Jeff. The cherry bomb turbo is not a loud muffler. You might remember our little CJ5 from the NS Jam in 2006. We've been running the CB turbo since we built the Jeep, and it still sounds great. Just a nice little rumble, not a lot of noise. Should try it on Cindy's Jeep. Bet it will make the 4.0L sound sweet.

19-10-10, 07:09 AM
Thanks Terry, the problem is that she doesn't want a rumble at all as we mainly use her Jeep for our nature and wildlife photography and actually want it as quiet as possible http://www.pbase.com/cindycreighton ...I do have to admit, I really enjoy driving her Jeep, especially on the hwy whereas my regular CB is so loud with the tires and bikini top that I have to crank the radio just to hear it and when I get to my destination I can't hear anything for a half hour...lol (getting old too...lol)

Oh, and Nateco, shouldn't take more than a roll of duct tape to make it work ;) lol